5 Rookie Mistakes Made by Telemarketers That Need Instant Rectification

Telemarketing is one of the most effective business channels; however, a few mistakes can push a business on the backfoot. While mistakes remain a part of the game, a few of them demand instant rectification to pull the sales numbers in the right lane. A loose approach in cold calling through email lists in Canada can hurt the sales numbers along with the brand reputation. The blog post discusses a few rookie mistakes made by telemarketers and a possible methods to rectify them.

1. Not updating the telemarketing list before calling

Refreshing data on telemarketing lists is crucial, especially if you are using an auto dialer to reach the prospects. Telemarketers may end up calling numbers on the Do Not Call list if they don’t have access to the latest lists. The rookie mistake can tarnish the image of a business and also invite lawsuits. Moreover, it can cause annoyance as a person get calls they don’t wish to receive. It is advisable to update the calling lists to weed out numbers under the DNC list or contacts with an answering machine status for a prolonged period. Continue reading


5 Steps to Buying a Telemarketing List for Your Business

Telemarketing is one of the direct marketing methods for a business to contact prospective customers. You, however, need to ensure that your sales agents only contact those prospects, who may be interested in your product or service. A phone list is an effective tool to target the right audience. You may find numerous reputable vendors online, who can provide a phone list for lead generation. Choose a vendor to buy an updated phone list that can fulfill your specific business needs. Continue reading