Increasing the Efficiency of Telemarketers: A Step-by-step Guide

Calling executives, the workforce of the telemarketing industry, take care of the hardest aspect of the job: closing the sale. They enter the industry hoping to pick up a few tricks of the trade during the course of their association with companies such as your own but often get buried under deadlines and targets.

You may not realize but an aspect as important as telemarketing data, when utilized properly, can reduce their workload, convert leads into important resources, and boost sales, all at the same time. Let’s discuss a few pointers. Continue reading


How to Use Telemarketing to Manage Existing Customers

Remember when telemarketing was nothing but a numbers game? Back then, the standing instructions to all calling executives were to keep dialing till their fingers popped. Today, however, telemarketing operations are more sophisticated and focused towards actually valuing customers and building a lasting relationship with them. For this very reason, big business pays more attention to existing customers, appeasing them and increasing turnovers in the process. Continue reading

Choose the Right Telemarketing Software for Your Business

The days of comparing analog telemarketing options with digital alternatives are mostly behind us. Digital telecommunication systems have proven to be a clear winner, given options such as the latest telemarketing software, and more. There are numerous options which offer convenient dialing options, personalized calling lists, and a potential to employ and capture more data in the calling process, among a host of other advantages. The dilemma for telemarketing enterprises today, even the ones operating on a small scale, is to choose an ideal digital phone system for their business. The key is to assess your business needs and match them with the most suitable technology. We can divide the available software options based on three key advantages they offer. Continue reading