4 Things to Do Once you are Done with the Sales Call

Business or residential leads conversion is not a one step process where the telemarketer picks up the phone, dials the number, pitches in the product/service and closes the sales. The telemarketer needs to follow-up with the prospect after making the initial call and plan a strategy to turn the lead into a customer. The blog discusses four things to do after making the sales call.


Planning is the first thing you need to do, once you start making follow-up sales calls. If you have a plan of action, it helps you to reach out to the right target audience who might be interested in your product or service. Ensure that you have a record of when to give a follow-up call to the lead. Keep a note of any future appointments and prepare yourself well to provide answers to any of the questions of the prospect.Sales calls


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Know These Rules Before Rolling Out Your Telephone Marketing Strategy

Organizations these days rely heavily on telemarketing calls and other telephone marketing strategies for generating leads. Effective telephone marketing services can connect prospective customers to the products or services that companies offer in a simple and cost-effective manner. In telemarketing, unlike the traditional method, sales representatives don’t have to visit the customers’ place, which is both time-consuming and inconvenient. This post primarily focuses on some of the key rules that companies should comply with to make sure they don’t get into legal tangles:

When Making Live Calls
Companies are prohibited from making unsolicited calls to the following parties:Telephone Lists

  • People who are not interested in receiving calls from any marketing firm and have registered with DND in this regard.
  • Companies can’t call at the numbers registered with the TPS or CTPS unless the owner/user of that number has give clear consent in receiving calls from them. The rule applies even in case the sales team wants to get in touch with an existing customer.

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Top 5 B2B Telemarketing Tips for a Successful Campaign

Telemarketing is one of the most effective of all the marketing tools available to managers of various organizations. The primary reason for its effectiveness is due to its response rate that is higher than that of direct mail, advertising, door-to-door selling, and email marketing. Telemarketing helps businesses to communicate with their customers in a direct and personalized manner. As managers, if you wish to get the maximum out of your telemarketing efforts, you need to have the right campaign at the right time and place. Careful planning and preparation of a B2B or B2C telemarketing campaign is, therefore, crucial to its success. As far as key B2B telemarketing tips are concerned, here are five of the several valuable tips that you should follow. Continue reading

5 Steps to Buying a Telemarketing List for Your Business

Telemarketing is one of the direct marketing methods for a business to contact prospective customers. You, however, need to ensure that your sales agents only contact those prospects, who may be interested in your product or service. A phone list is an effective tool to target the right audience. You may find numerous reputable vendors online, who can provide a phone list for lead generation. Choose a vendor to buy an updated phone list that can fulfill your specific business needs. Continue reading

Things Telemarketers Need to Work on for Better Sales

“First impression lasts forever” – there could not be a more appropriate quote than this for the telemarketing industry. Despite having a competent product or services, a lot of businesses, fail to make big in the market because of their inability to persuade customers over the phone. An accurate phone number database is useless without an impressive outreach plan. Continue reading

Effective Telemarketing Scripts Decoded

Telemarketing, considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing, has evolved drastically in today’s day and age. In order to cope with the high-pressure demands of 2015, telemarketers need to perfect every part of the process; from acquiring high quality data, binding it around a high ROI-yielding strategy to creating an effective telemarketing script. However, to achieve these objectives, you need to find a reliable USA list broker. In addition to finding a list broker, creating an interesting telemarketing script plays an essential role in making your telemarketing campaign a success. Here are the essential elements that your telemarketing script needs to have in order to strike the right cord with the customers. Continue reading

Increasing the Efficiency of Telemarketers: A Step-by-step Guide

Calling executives, the workforce of the telemarketing industry, take care of the hardest aspect of the job: closing the sale. They enter the industry hoping to pick up a few tricks of the trade during the course of their association with companies such as your own but often get buried under deadlines and targets.

You may not realize but an aspect as important as telemarketing data, when utilized properly, can reduce their workload, convert leads into important resources, and boost sales, all at the same time. Let’s discuss a few pointers. Continue reading