5 Sure Shot Ways to Win Tough B2B Leads

Sales reps face constant challenges in dealing with tough prospects, who are demanding and sometimes rude. As sales reps need to deal with tough prospects frequently, they need to learn a few tips to master their awkward behavior and turn the lead into a sale. The blog post discusses a few ways to pacify tough prospects and close more B2B sales. Have a look.

1. Listen Up First

When handling a demanding customer, many sales reps make the mistake of being b2b-sales-leadsforceful and pushy when selling a product. Many a time, sales reps forget that trying to sell without a clear idea of the needs of the prospect, which is a futile attempt. So, as a sales rep, listen up to the prospect first; allow them to open up about their challenges, and once that happens; reap your product to be the solution to their business requirements. Once you get an idea of their requirements, negotiating becomes easy and the chances of grabbing a sale enhances manifolds.

2. Stand Firm and Unmoved

Tough prospects keep on sensing signs of anxiety and nervousness in your speech and overpower once your diffidence crosses a limit. Conversely, if you show unwavering commitment to your script and approach; you may succeed in appeasing the prospect. So, if your prospect seems uninterested, or gets angry and abusive in the middle of the conversation; remember that it’s a business issue. If you take any remark of the prospect on personal grounds, it may cost you a deal and decline in the rapport of the company too. Instead of being misdirected by the anger of the prospect, apologize or offer them a comprehensive discussion with the superiors.

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3. Spit Out the Value Proposition Straightaway

Needless to say, B2B sales involves high-ticket items and are highly lucrative; provided you are able to demonstrate the value proposition in one go. B2B customers are often jam-packed busy and dislike reps beating around the bush. The single answer they desire from each call is “Value,” and your product must conform to the same. So, be aware of the intricacies of the product and memorize the value proposition. The prospect is bound to cross-question, thanks to the dollar value of a B2B transaction; and you won’t get a second chance to go back in time and find an answer. Therefore, spend time in predicting the possible questions of the prospect and come up with a pre-rehearsed response on being asked.

4. Never Back Down from Premium Pricing

Many reps hop onto the backfoot by downgrading premium pricing, in order to appease a prospect. Compromising on premium prices means killing lead quality in the database. If making a sale requires you to reduce the pricing, your products are not attracting quality prospects. Instead of dropping the price, strategize to reassure the value proposition of the product and stick to the premium prices.

5. Consider a Face to Face Meeting

Though phone calls are a convenient medium to pitch and close leads, reps should not shy away from face to face meetings. If your product requires a huge upfront investment, the prospects are likely to suspect the value proposition and the resulting ROI goals. Meeting tough prospects can provide a personal touch to the business transaction and win trust.

The Way Forward
Re-emphasizing the fact, tough B2B prospects can turn into the hottest customers for your business. For reaching such qualified prospects, the lead quality of your database needs to be top-notch. Whether you use USA phone data for marketing or other business lists to approach businesses, the lead quality should be impeccable. Lead quality comes first in any successful sales campaign, followed by contacting, nurturing and closing the deal at later stages.