5 Rookie Mistakes Made by Telemarketers That Need Instant Rectification

Telemarketing is one of the most effective business channels; however, a few mistakes can push a business on the backfoot. While mistakes remain a part of the game, a few of them demand instant rectification to pull the sales numbers in the right lane. A loose approach in cold calling through email lists in Canada can hurt the sales numbers along with the brand reputation. The blog post discusses a few rookie mistakes made by telemarketers and a possible methods to rectify them.

1. Not updating the telemarketing list before calling

Refreshing data on telemarketing lists is crucial, especially if you are using an auto dialer to reach the prospects. Telemarketers may end up calling numbers on the Do Not Call list if they don’t have access to the latest lists. The rookie mistake can tarnish the image of a business and also invite lawsuits. Moreover, it can cause annoyance as a person get calls they don’t wish to receive. It is advisable to update the calling lists to weed out numbers under the DNC list or contacts with an answering machine status for a prolonged period.

2. Over dependence on opening scripts

Telemarketing scripts work as protocols for initiating a conversation with a prospect. As telemarketers tend to reiterate the same script for over a hundred times a day, it may sound robotic to the prospects. Moreover, every prospect may have an unpredictable approach that may get hard to deal with a short script. While a telemarketing script can help initiate a conversation, it certainly cannot replace the acumen of a telemarketer. Shaping a conversation in the right direction depends on the telemarketer, and over depending on scripts may not be helpful. So, if a person wants to hone skills as a telemarketer, it becomes imperative to reduce their dependency on the scripts and start a conversation with the customers that strike the right chords.

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3. Jumping into the offer straightaway

Starting a cold call with an offer is probably the worst mistake a person can make as a telemarketer. Jumping the gun may take away the value a product has on offer. A person makes a buying decision only after understanding the product and that’s where most telemarketers give up before the finishing line. Despite racing call after call, it is always better to empathize with the problems of a prospect and provide the option as your product or service.

4. Goofing up the introduction

The introduction is somehow related to the opening scripts but has wide attributes that a telemarketer needs to understand. Telemarketers zoom through a number of calls during their typical day that can become an excuse for a failure to convey the core values of the company, the product or skipping them altogether. A good introduction aims at connecting with a prospect rather than sounding too desperate to make a sale. Telemarketers need to work on making a connection with the prospects even before thinking of sliding a deal to them.

5. Speaking more and listening less

The sales numbers game makes a telemarketer sound more like a newsreader rather than the front face of a company. Telemarketers make the mistake of advertising their products without listening to the concerns of the prospective customers. Sales reps, at times, are clueless about various features of the products and start blabbering when the prospects ask a question. Making mistakes is a part of learning; unfortunately, a business can hardly get away with it as such fallacy starts hurting the sales. So, a telemarketer needs to devote equal time in sharpening their listening skills along with sales pitching. Sound listening skills during cold calling can impart a human touch to the entire conversation and even help convincing a prospect in signing on the dotted line.

The Way Forward

While a business tries to contact prospects through a telemarketing database or Canada email lists, the rules of telemarketing remain the same. Although a business can leverage multiple methods to expand, email lists remain a fail safe way to win leads in countries like Canada. A business needs to be on top of their email and calling lists before they think about imparting special skills to their telemarketers or sales reps.


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