Things Telemarketers Need to Work on for Better Sales

“First impression lasts forever” – there could not be a more appropriate quote than this for the telemarketing industry. Despite having a competent product or services, a lot of businesses, fail to make big in the market because of their inability to persuade customers over the phone. An accurate phone number database is useless without an impressive outreach plan.

The first few seconds are critical for any telemarketing campaign and a major share of the success depends on telemarketers. The post discusses a few tips that might help telemarketers chase the big revenue generating numbers:    Authentic Phone Number Database
Know the market
The more knowledge a telemarketer has about the market and the business, the more confident they are about selling the product/service. The research pays back, especially when the prospect asks a few questions or objects on a certain point.

Don’t follow scripts
Scripted conversations are a thing of the past as customers no longer want to listen to the monotonous sentences and CTAs over the phone. A well-delivered introductory message is important for success of telemarketing campaign. Instead of sounding like the message is read out from a paper, try to sound spontaneous, else the prospect might not show interest in the phone call.
Pay attention to pace
Don’t be a desperate sales guy who needs to make a hundred calls and is in a hurry to explain the product/service without caring if the prospect can understand a single word. Right pace is important in cold calling because a sluggish phone call doesn’t promote the business in an expected way. Telemarketers need to work on getting a pace that is easy to the ears of the listeners.

Strike a conversation
Telemarketers need to focus on a two-way conversation with the prospect so that it results in an exchange of information. Have an impressive opening line and pause a little to pop-up a question to the prospect. If the question is interesting, it would definitely open dialogue and guide the flow of the call.
Be positive
Cold calling is difficult, but don’t let that factor become a hurdle in closing the sale. Telemarketers need to be optimistic about the success of the campaign because a positive vibe makes a huge difference in the way a prospect perceives the caller.
Every business has a specific approach towards telemarketing, but the basics remain the same. It is not hard to bring the above discussed pointers into practice, provided the telemarketing team is motivated to raise the revenue graph.


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