Effective Telemarketing Scripts Decoded

Telemarketing, considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing, has evolved drastically in today’s day and age. In order to cope with the high-pressure demands of 2015, telemarketers need to perfect every part of the process; from acquiring high quality data, binding it around a high ROI-yielding strategy to creating an effective telemarketing script. However, to achieve these objectives, you need to find a reliable USA list broker. In addition to finding a list broker, creating an interesting telemarketing script plays an essential role in making your telemarketing campaign a success. Here are the essential elements that your telemarketing script needs to have in order to strike the right cord with the customers.

5 essential elements of an effective telemarketing list

Establishing Rapport

The hardest part in telemarketing is to establish a rapport with the customer, especially those who disconnect your call, as soon as they realize you’re ‘just another seller’. Telemarketing isn’t just about bombarding the clients with sales pitch as soon as they answer your call. There are two important things to focus on when you make a telemarketing call.

  1. Ensure that you put forth your points to your prospective customers with passion. The way you talk to the prospects plays an essential role in convincing them.
  2. It’s all a numbers’ game, so don’t waste time on hard nut customers, simply move on to the next one.
  3. Be as personal with the prospects as possible. Lookout for opportunities to say things like ‘Hey! You and I share the same first name’ or ‘my kid goes to the same school’.

Develop an interesting intro

You don’t get a second opportunity to make a good first impression especially when you are on the phone. The way you introduce yourself to the prospects plays an essential role in convincing the customers. You need to have a clear, professional and engaging tone about the product you are selling without getting overtly pushy which may turn of the customer.

The fear factor

Instilling fear in the right way often works out well. There are but a few products you can sell by possibly instilling fear into the mind of the prospects. For instance, if you’re selling industrial dishwashers, you can stress on the importance of cleanliness and how ‘they are putting their families at risk’.

The guilt factor

Great telemarketers understand that when they bring the guilt factor into play they are indeed increasing their chances of closing a sale by manifold. However, ensure that the strategy is carried out rightly or else it can easily backfire. For example, if you’re selling an insurance scheme, use lines like ‘think about your kids’, but only if you think you’re dealing with a prospect that wouldn’t turn around and say ‘mind your own business.

Guarantee satisfaction

Satisfaction may be one of the most elementary of things that customers look for or rather demand before investing in any product or service. Telesales executives have a significant edge over marketers that rely on print and media ads as they can answer customer doubts and reassure them as many times as is necessary to seal the deal. Lines such as ‘Yes, you can call our helpdesk 24/7’ and ‘we have a dedicated wing just to answer your queries’ should do you, nicely. Just be honest.


The above tips will help you in developing a telemarketing strategy that may help you in convincing the prospects to avail your services. It will help you to develop an effective telemarketing structure to generate better sales.


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