Increasing the Efficiency of Telemarketers: A Step-by-step Guide

Calling executives, the workforce of the telemarketing industry, take care of the hardest aspect of the job: closing the sale. They enter the industry hoping to pick up a few tricks of the trade during the course of their association with companies such as your own but often get buried under deadlines and targets.

You may not realize but an aspect as important as telemarketing data, when utilized properly, can reduce their workload, convert leads into important resources, and boost sales, all at the same time. Let’s discuss a few pointers.

Source Data from a Reliable Provider
Getting as many numbers as possible within your budget is not the only parameter of judgment for Residential phone listings or their B2B counterparts. If you focus on obtaining leads with several fields of information, even up to ten or fifteen, it will give your callers sufficient information to build a rapport with the prospects right off the bat, or at least, really quickly.

Keep Database Updated
A shoddily put together database, featuring outdated or erroneous information wastes much of your callers’ time. Ideally, you should encourage them to mine data from each call and use it to fill the missing fields of the database and dish out as much crucial information about each prospect or lead as possible. Prioritizing leads boosts conversions; you should deploy your resources judicially, matching the better ones to key leads. In effect, callers get to work as per their potential and hone their skill sets.

Phone Data Management: A Concise Guide for Marketing Initiatives

Outsource some workload
This is where a good cell phone number list or any number list really comes in. Because you already have the backing of credible data, you can take some of the workload off of your expensive in house team, and transfer it to an affordable well-trained team abroad. Think of how much value gets added to every business list; you bought it for like 15 bucks yet it allowed to hire employees at a quarter cost or so.

Generate Your Own Database
You can use the information you acquire during your telemarketing process to create your own database. The main motive behind this practice, is to segregate key leads and potentially recurring customers, so the best of your calling team is dealing with them. The other main motive of the exercise is to have additional informational fields including the prospect’s personal details, for better communication.

The most efficient way to get the most out of your telemarketers is to create a productive, healthy environment for them to thrive in, with the backing of good leads.


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