Choose the Right Telemarketing Software for Your Business

The days of comparing analog telemarketing options with digital alternatives are mostly behind us. Digital telecommunication systems have proven to be a clear winner, given options such as the latest telemarketing software, and more. There are numerous options which offer convenient dialing options, personalized calling lists, and a potential to employ and capture more data in the calling process, among a host of other advantages. The dilemma for telemarketing enterprises today, even the ones operating on a small scale, is to choose an ideal digital phone system for their business. The key is to assess your business needs and match them with the most suitable technology. We can divide the available software options based on three key advantages they offer.

Telemarketing Software for Telemarketing Businesses

Types Telephone System Software

Budget friendly

Not every telemarketing company or in-house telemarketing department is listed on the fortune 100 list. In fact, a majority of them have rather humble set-ups. Their main motive is to get a foothold in the target market, within a preset budget. Budget friendly telemarketing software help you accomplish this mission and is generally considered ideal for start-ups or established businesses, which are looking to extend their consumer market.

Standard features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Call recording
  • Agent monitoring
  • Call transfer
  • Editable script field

Maximum dialing

Some of the available software today, is focused on accommodating as many outbound calls as possible, in a limited time frame: up to 4 times more than typical dialer software. Telemarketing software centered on maximum dialing is suitable for companies that deal in digital products like VoIP services or music streaming websites, as their products are not super expensive and the potential market is very vast.

Standard features:

  • Data comparison
  • Follow up email
  • Agent monitoring
  • Legally compliant services
  • Customizable personal IDs for agents
  • Call transfer and other modern features

Comprehensive tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is an important part of telemarketing today. It can be honed, with the aid of tools and features that a select range of telecommunication software offer. This type of software is best suited for customer feedback and support divisions of medium to large businesses.

Standard features:

  • Screen pops
  • Supervisory tools
  • Customizable fields
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Cloud computing options
  • Return on Investment analysis
  • Rule based market automation

Selecting the right kind of telecommunication software is a matter of assessing business needs and budget. It is also a good way to start any promising telecommunication campaign read more


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