Telemarketing Training Tips

Telemarketing is essential from a sales and customer service perspective, provided you carry it out in the right way. An unplanned and unprofessionally carried out telemarketing campaign can land a business into a financial and credibility crisis. From getting a USA phone numbers list from a list broker in USA to giving a brief to the telemarketing team and following up with the potential customers, every step takes you further towards the success of the campaign.

Most businesses nowadays rely on a third party to get the telephone list. Spending money on data acquisition is worth only if the resources are able to utilize it the right way. The next step after getting a USA phone numbers list is to make the calls to the potential customers. This is rather a critical stage in success of the campaign.

Team Training is as important as the Introductory Speech

Handing over the copy of the introductory speech to every tele caller isn’t enough to ensure successful calling. Ask your trainers or marketing professionals to have a training session with the team, wherein they can educate the team about the product/service, target audience and answers of the possible questions that the person on the other end might ask from time to time. This will boost the confidence level of the telemarketers.

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Here are some simple tips a trainer can give to the telemarketers in the session:

First Name only or first and last Name?

Most telemarketers are unsure if they should address the person at the other end of the phone with just the first name or use first and last name. If you are calling a prospective customer for the first time or there are chances that he doesn’t recognize you or your company, using first and last name shows professionalism and it helps to build credibility. If the call is a follow-up, it is not necessary to use the last name.

Talk on Behalf of the Customer and not the Company

If a telemarketer is able to empathize with the buyer and understands his perspective, the chances of making a sale are bright. For example, if you are selling a newly introduced wine on phone, then instead of bragging about it, a good idea would be to tell the person how the guests at his/her home or restaurant will be delighted to have the wine with food. Tell the telemarketer to be playful with words. Doesn’t the sentence ‘you will thank me for this wine, when you will be serving it to your guests’ have more punch than rest of the ‘why you should buy this wine’ ideas?

Delay the answer

It is not mandatory for the tele caller to answer every question asked by the customer promptly. If you think there’s something you aren’t prepared to answer right now, just tell the customer “May I answer this later?” instead of coming up with fake details or answers that sound fishy.

Don’t make the Customer feel that he doesn’t know something

It can be offending to ask your client ‘Do you understand’ or ‘Are we on the same page’. There are chances that the customer might feel that the tele caller is trying to insult his intelligence. Instead, mellow down the tone to ‘was I able to explain that clearly?

When to call

After having a few follow-up calls, a telemarketer is aware of the right time to call a particular customer. Note down the availability details so that the customer doesn’t get annoyed on getting a call at an odd hour. Also, it might help other Tele callers to follow-up with the same client on your behalf or absence.

These are some of the basic yet important things every business needs to focus on while running a telemarketing campaign. It is always a good idea to be prepared for all the questions and reactions of the customers rather than goofing up at the last moment.


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