5 Sure Shot Ways to Win Tough B2B Leads

Sales reps face constant challenges in dealing with tough prospects, who are demanding and sometimes rude. As sales reps need to deal with tough prospects frequently, they need to learn a few tips to master their awkward behavior and turn the lead into a sale. The blog post discusses a few ways to pacify tough prospects and close more B2B sales. Have a look.

1. Listen Up First

When handling a demanding customer, many sales reps make the mistake of being b2b-sales-leadsforceful and pushy when selling a product. Many a time, sales reps forget that trying to sell without a clear idea of the needs of the prospect, which is a futile attempt. So, as a sales rep, listen up to the prospect first; allow them to open up about their challenges, and once that happens; reap your product to be the solution to their business requirements. Once you get an idea of their requirements, negotiating becomes easy and the chances of grabbing a sale enhances manifolds.

2. Stand Firm and Unmoved

Tough prospects keep on sensing signs of anxiety and nervousness in your speech and overpower once your diffidence crosses a limit. Conversely, if you show unwavering commitment to your script and approach; you may succeed in appeasing the prospect. So, if your prospect seems uninterested, or gets angry and abusive in the middle of the conversation; remember that it’s a business issue. If you take any remark of the prospect on personal grounds, it may cost you a deal and decline in the rapport of the company too. Instead of being misdirected by the anger of the prospect, apologize or offer them a comprehensive discussion with the superiors.

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3. Spit Out the Value Proposition Straightaway

Needless to say, B2B sales involves high-ticket items and are highly lucrative; provided you are able to demonstrate the value proposition in one go. B2B customers are often jam-packed busy and dislike reps beating around the bush. The single answer they desire from each call is “Value,” and your product must conform to the same. So, be aware of the intricacies of the product and memorize the value proposition. The prospect is bound to cross-question, thanks to the dollar value of a B2B transaction; and you won’t get a second chance to go back in time and find an answer. Therefore, spend time in predicting the possible questions of the prospect and come up with a pre-rehearsed response on being asked.

4. Never Back Down from Premium Pricing

Many reps hop onto the backfoot by downgrading premium pricing, in order to appease a prospect. Compromising on premium prices means killing lead quality in the database. If making a sale requires you to reduce the pricing, your products are not attracting quality prospects. Instead of dropping the price, strategize to reassure the value proposition of the product and stick to the premium prices.

5. Consider a Face to Face Meeting

Though phone calls are a convenient medium to pitch and close leads, reps should not shy away from face to face meetings. If your product requires a huge upfront investment, the prospects are likely to suspect the value proposition and the resulting ROI goals. Meeting tough prospects can provide a personal touch to the business transaction and win trust.

The Way Forward
Re-emphasizing the fact, tough B2B prospects can turn into the hottest customers for your business. For reaching such qualified prospects, the lead quality of your database needs to be top-notch. Whether you use USA phone data for marketing or other business lists to approach businesses, the lead quality should be impeccable. Lead quality comes first in any successful sales campaign, followed by contacting, nurturing and closing the deal at later stages.


5 Reasons to Hire a Business List Broker

Getting customers is the ultimate goal of every business. Lead generation plays a vital role in enabling organizations accomplish their goal. Lead generation, however, involves a lot of criticality that need to be addressed by experts and this is where list brokers come into the action. List brokers in the USA provide companies with a well-searched and refined lists that match the prerequisites of the business. Although many entrepreneurs believe that they are capable of generating the leads and closing the deals, they choose to ignore Phone Lists Brokerthe involved intricacies. If you too are searching for a telephone list to get in touch with individuals or companies interested in rendering your service or buying your product, contact the best list brokers in the USA to buy the leads rather than try doing everything yourself. The blog discusses 5 reasons to hire business list broker.

1. Permanent Liabilities

The primary need is to hire a team to prepare a list and generate potential leads. It is a permanent liability for the business even before it starts generating any sort of revenue. Instead your business plan needs to have more asset and few liabilities. A list broker will save you from the overheads of these liabilities and instead just focus on bringing the prospects on the table to do business with your company.

2. Industry Expertise

Preparing a team from scratch means you will try to contact individuals with minimum pay. Experienced professionals will charge a hefty amount that you will avoid, which will impact the expertise of your team. To excel in every domain, you require both experience and expertise and having none will reduce your chances of success. On the other hand, an established list broker dealer has a team of industry experts who can prepare a business list that matches your business requirements. Every individual or company seems like a potential client, but only the experts can differentiate the perfect one from the crowd.

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3. Time Efficiency

A new team will take more time in coming up with a potential client list. Working on this list will again take a certain period of time. Contacting a list broker to compile a list based on your prerequisites will save you a lot of time and the fear of losing clients to competitors will no longer exist. Also, if your requirements are seasonal, generating the list will consume a majority of your time and you will have limited time for business dealings. A list broker in the USA will be of great help in this regard.

4. Lead Quality

Quality lead is what matters in business. As stated earlier, every enterprise or individual seems like a potential customer, only a few are actually worth your time. Finding those quality leads on your own can be an uphill task, but you can be assured of getting some high-quality leads through the list given by a business list dealer. This will again help you in cutting through the queue of competitors and the time needed to get some quality clients on the board.

5. Cost

Business is all about money. You need to perform all the functions using cost-effective methods. Getting permanent liabilities and a team on board to start from the scratch is only going to increase your expenses. You will need to pay the brokers for the business list. When you compare the cost of generating the list and getting clients on board on your own with getting the quality leads, you will realize the time and money you saved.

Bottom Line

Lead accumulation and generation are important parts of business. Doing things on your own is a good practice, but when you face the struggles of time and money, it is not the ideal way to move forward. Business list brokers are easily approachable and can give you a list of potential clients in no time, charging minimum fees for their service.

Five Essential Lead Nurturing Skills

Getting call lists from a broker is not enough. You need to make efforts to converts those leads into customers with the help of lead nurturing. Unless the executives make efforts to connect with the prospects beyond a phone call, understand their needs and help them get what they desire, it is not possible to crack a deal. Every effort, however, may not be successful because of lack of necessary skills to accomplish the task. Taking into consideration these factors, we are sharing five essential lead nurturing skills that can help telemarketers crack the deal and turn a prospect into a client.

Develop a Strategy
Developing a lead nurturing strategy is an effective way to take the sale forward. Planning and developing a strategy that works needs time and efforts. The success of a nurturing campaign depends on:lead-nurturing

  • Segregating the prospects into groups that can be reached with a similar approach
  • Preparing content to send to the potential clients
  • Triggering automated messages to the respective group of prospects

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5 Rookie Mistakes Made by Telemarketers That Need Instant Rectification

Telemarketing is one of the most effective business channels; however, a few mistakes can push a business on the backfoot. While mistakes remain a part of the game, a few of them demand instant rectification to pull the sales numbers in the right lane. A loose approach in cold calling through email lists in Canada can hurt the sales numbers along with the brand reputation. The blog post discusses a few rookie mistakes made by telemarketers and a possible methods to rectify them.

1. Not updating the telemarketing list before calling

Refreshing data on telemarketing lists is crucial, especially if you are using an auto dialer to reach the prospects. Telemarketers may end up calling numbers on the Do Not Call list if they don’t have access to the latest lists. The rookie mistake can tarnish the image of a business and also invite lawsuits. Moreover, it can cause annoyance as a person get calls they don’t wish to receive. It is advisable to update the calling lists to weed out numbers under the DNC list or contacts with an answering machine status for a prolonged period. Continue reading

4 Things to Do Once you are Done with the Sales Call

Business or residential leads conversion is not a one step process where the telemarketer picks up the phone, dials the number, pitches in the product/service and closes the sales. The telemarketer needs to follow-up with the prospect after making the initial call and plan a strategy to turn the lead into a customer. The blog discusses four things to do after making the sales call.


Planning is the first thing you need to do, once you start making follow-up sales calls. If you have a plan of action, it helps you to reach out to the right target audience who might be interested in your product or service. Ensure that you have a record of when to give a follow-up call to the lead. Keep a note of any future appointments and prepare yourself well to provide answers to any of the questions of the prospect.Sales calls


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Know These Rules Before Rolling Out Your Telephone Marketing Strategy

Organizations these days rely heavily on telemarketing calls and other telephone marketing strategies for generating leads. Effective telephone marketing services can connect prospective customers to the products or services that companies offer in a simple and cost-effective manner. In telemarketing, unlike the traditional method, sales representatives don’t have to visit the customers’ place, which is both time-consuming and inconvenient. This post primarily focuses on some of the key rules that companies should comply with to make sure they don’t get into legal tangles:

When Making Live Calls
Companies are prohibited from making unsolicited calls to the following parties:Telephone Lists

  • People who are not interested in receiving calls from any marketing firm and have registered with DND in this regard.
  • Companies can’t call at the numbers registered with the TPS or CTPS unless the owner/user of that number has give clear consent in receiving calls from them. The rule applies even in case the sales team wants to get in touch with an existing customer.

Apart from following the above rules while making live marketing calls, telemarketers should also not forget to introduce themselves, and mention the company’s full address and a valid contact number before pitching their products or services. Continue reading

Top 5 B2B Telemarketing Tips for a Successful Campaign

Telemarketing is one of the most effective of all the marketing tools available to managers of various organizations. The primary reason for its effectiveness is due to its response rate that is higher than that of direct mail, advertising, door-to-door selling, and email marketing. Telemarketing helps businesses to communicate with their customers in a direct and personalized manner. As managers, if you wish to get the maximum out of your telemarketing efforts, you need to have the right campaign at the right time and place. Careful planning and preparation of a B2B or B2C telemarketing campaign is, therefore, crucial to its success. As far as key B2B telemarketing tips are concerned, here are five of the several valuable tips that you should follow. Continue reading